Thanks! (A gift for Beauty lovers)

noviembre 10, 2005 at 8:22 pm (Fotografía)

Steelpier Lake Michigan

I was simply looking for some black and white reproductions to redecorate my living room. Such a common and monotonous activity lead me to discover Chip Forelli’s magnificent work .
I was contemplating the first of the many pics I would admire, and readmire once and again in a compulsive way, a masterpiece of simplicity , a vehicle for emotions, for inspiration….
It was greatly full of natural richness, of deep grey infinite shadows fused in such a perfect way to make you almost go into a trance, finding your own way of interpretation, studying the proportions, the ghostly outlines, finding in each look a different picture, a new appreciation, a new feeling or impression.
I was haunted, delighted, impressed by his skill in craft, by his sensibility and subtle but sharp way to catch spectators eye.
From that moment, Forelli’s Enigmatic and expressive landscapes turned out to be for me a revelation, a kind of materialization of all the wonders of nature that the ordinary people tend to overlook, a gift for those that like me, feel that devotion and passion for beauty, for those who enjoy waiting for the proper moment to capture a photo and that can perfectly understand the effort and dedication it requires.
The incredible visual power of Chip’s photographs makes possible the translation of that moment, of that punctual experience, through time or distance, bringing back to life the authors feelings and impressions, that reflected in us result in millions of different reproductions that became personal when linked to other personal experiences.
In a way we made pictures personal, reflections of our thoughts or personality, we feel identificated, as much as when reading a book or watching a film.
I would never forget the day I discovered the photograph that right now proudly hangs in my living room wall, just beside others that I consider great pieces of art and at the same time reflections of my personality…
Many thanks to those that like him devote their lives to make our life nicer, more poetic… To those who create new ways or evasion in a world were media, marketing and consumism rule, leaving no room for imagination, for art, for observation.




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